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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Facebook Started Showing Memorable Stories Of 2010 In Side Bar

Facebook have started showing old status in side bar. When you visit to see any photo in Facebook you will see your old statuses are appearing right side of that page with the heading of Memorable stories from 2010.

This is a quite good idea of remembering our old status but it can be a bad idea also there are some status which we don’t want to see again and it can remind our past which we don’t want to remember.

You can’t click on this status to go that old status page and make a comment or any such but you can remove any status which you don’t want it appear again and again under memorable stories.

However what is your favorite status from 2010, do tell us in the comment below.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tata DOCOMO Celebrating One Million Facebook Fan By Giving Double Talktime

Tata Docomo has reached one millions Facebook fans so to celebrate it Tata have came up with an offer for all their Facebook fans. If you are one of them and using Tata DOCOMO number then you can also get double talktime.

Double talktime means if you recharge for Rs. 161 then you will get Talktime of Rs. 322. To get it
1.       Join the Tata DOCOMO Facebook page (if you are not)
2.       Then go to
3.       There they will ask you to allow access to your few Facebook information click on Allow button
4.       Then select your location (if your location is not there so can’t get this offer)
5.       Then give your Tata DOCOMO number
6.       Now click on Register button
7.       Now you will get a SMS on the number you have given
8.       Now go and recharge your Tata DOCOMO and get Double TalkTime

Note: - They have some Terms and Conditions for you all to follow
Here are few basic Terms and Conditions, to know all Click here
1.       The Offer is valid only in India
2.       The Offer shall run from the 11th January 2011 at 00.00 hrs and ending on 13th January 2011 at 23.59 hrs (hereinafter referred as "Offer Period").
3.       To participate in the Offer the participants must be a subscriber of Tata Docomo prepaid connection and must become a fan or follower of the official Tata DOCOMO Facebook page.
4.       Offer is applicable on all top up denominations starting from Rs 10 upto Rs 1000 only, per Tata Docomo prepaid number recharged by the Participant.
5.       Participants must recharge the Tata Docomo mobile number with the Top-up amount only through a valid retailer, channel partner, or distributor duly authorised by TTL.
6.       Participant shall be entitled for talktime twice of the top-up recharge made by the Participant during the Offer Period on fulfilment of following criteria:-
i)        Participant must be a fan or follower of the official Tata DOCOMO page on Facebook;
ii)       Participant does a top up recharge during the Offer Period;
iii)     Participant has a valid Tata Docomo prepaid mobile number;
iv)     Participant submits his Tata Docomo prepaid mobile number details along with the telecom circle to which his Tata Docomo prepaid mobile number belongs to accurately on the Facebook community page during the Offer Period.

Do share this with your friends, family and everyone else so they can also enjoy this offer.

And if you want us also to reach 1 million :P so do join our Facebook page and tell others also to join.

Here is few advertisement of Tata DOCOMO for all Tata DOCOMO fans

Tata DOCOMO - 'Best Operator in Emerging Markets'

If you are having problem in viewing the videos Click here.

3G Speed with Tata DOCOMO e-stick

If you are having problem in viewing the videos Click here.

Michael Jackson on Tata DOCOMO

If you are having problem in viewing the videos Click here.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

How To Block And Unblock Someone On Facebook

In Facebook many people want to block someone but don’t know how they can and ever there are people who have blocked someone in angry and now want to unblock them but don’t know how so here is a way how you can block and unblock anyone on Facebook.

How you can block someone
1.       Go to
2.       Login to your account
3.       Now go to the profile which you want to block
4.       Scroll down and in the left hand side column you will see written Report/Block This Person
5.       Click on it (Report/Block This Person)
6.       Now select Block this person box
7.       Then click on Submit button

Now that profile is block now that person with that profile can’t contact you through Facebook, can’t view your profile, it’s like for that profile your profile don’t exist anymore and also if you that persion is added in your friend list will get deleted. Same applies for you (who have blocked).Till you don’t remove it from block list.

Hope no one required to use this (How you can block someone) and hope who ever got block till now get unblock.

Here how you can remove someone from block list
1.       Go to
2.       Login to your account
3.       Now go to Account (top-right corner) --> Privacy Settings

4.       There at the middle-bottom of the page you will see written “Block Lists Edit your lists of blocked people and apps.
5.       Click on Edit your lists
6.       Now search for the name you have blocked and want to unblock under Block users
7.       Beside that name you will see written Unblock click on it
8.       Then click on Conform button

Once you blocked someone that person get remove from your friend list so you have to resend the Add as Friends request. Hope now whoever is block now will get unblock.