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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Facebook went Down

As of today Facebook went down 2nd time for few minutes (5:30 PM IST), according to allfacebook, Facebook went down this morning. You can see in twitter people are twitting about Facebook down and even I also have show that (error: This webpage is not available).

We will keep you update as we know more about it.

Update via Mashable: Facebook has reached out to us with the following statement: “We are experiencing site issues that are affecting some people. As a result, the site may be slow or time out for some users. We are working to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.”

Update #2 via Facebook: We've fixed a technical issue that was causing the site to be slow or unavailable for some of you. Access to Facebook should be back to normal. Thanks for your patience.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Facebook Updated Similar Notifications

Facebook have rolled out a change in there Notifications as you post something, comment on your friend’s post or like any post you start getting bunch of notifications in your Notifications. So they made a change by which you will see the similar notification grouped and clearer.

They made this update because one day Mark Zuckerberg commented on one of his friend’s post and the next day Mark need to say sorry for that comment he made because after Mark’s comment he (on whose post mark commented) got hundreds of massages so he wall post where he wrote:
Last night Mark Zuckerberg commented on my status. This morning, hundreds of messages from angry Italians asking that we don't get rid of the "Like" button. How do other facebookers use this site?

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Facebook vs. Orkut in India

Internet giant Google's social networking platform Orkut has lost yet another turf to the surge of Facebook. India, one of the few countries where Orkut retained the top spot amongst social networking websites, now has more people logging on to Facebook, says marketing research company comScore.

According to comScore, Facebook grabbed the number one ranking in the social networking category for the first time in July with 20.9 million visitors, up 179 per cent versus year ago. Orkut registered a growth of only 16 per cent in the same time period.  "The social networking phenomenon continues to gain steam worldwide, and India represents one of the fastest growing markets at the moment," says Will Hodgman, comScore executive vice president for the Asia-Pacific region. "Though Facebook has tripled its audience in the past year to pace the growth for the category, several other social networking sites have posted their own sizeable gains."

In July 2010, more than 33 million Internet users aged 15 and above visited social networking sites in India, representing 84 per cent of the total Internet audience. While India's total Internet audience grew 13 per cent, social networking usage rose 43 per cent. This makes India the world's seventh largest market for social networking. Only US, China, Germany, Russian Federation, Brazil and the UK rank above India.

Amongst the top social networking sites, Twitter had the most impressive growth with 239 per cent increase in the number of visitors since July 2009.

Via Tech2

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Facebook Testing New Style of Recommended Button

Seems that Facebook is checking a new style of recommend button (like button) on webpage. Just now I have noticed a new style of like button was appearing in a blog it is not permanent for a particular webpage. As it is getting tested by Facebook who it is working so it may or may not appear every time. If you want to see how it looks and works you can see in the below image and video I took in instantly when I show that new button.

Before clicking on it

After clicking on it

Cursor is on the button to make it undo

Your Browser Doesn't Support Flash Or JavaScript is not enabled
In Flash Tag

In HTML5 Tag

Monday, August 16, 2010

New Facebook Notes

Facebook have updated there Notes application. In new Notes application they have bought a new layout with a clean and easy-to-use in the left-hand side menu.

As in the previous version you need to know the few HTML tag to make the things bold, italic and all but in this version you don’t need to know the HTML tags. It is more like a normal text editor. If you want to use the HTML tags you can still able to use it but if you are thinking of copy-past the HTML you have made in notepad or some ware so you won’t be able to do that. The HTML tags will not get applied. You can tag the people or pages you want to tag with the following Note.