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Monday, December 27, 2010

Facebook Developers Site Down [Comic]

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Facebook Developers Site Is Down

Facebook Developer Site Is Down. From near about an hour before I visited Facebook Developer get some code but when I visited Developer site error shows up This webpage is not available to get conform I searched in Twitter few people posted the site is down the 1st post was four hours back that means the site is down from near about four hours.

We will update when we will know more about it.

Update [6:16 PM (IST)] Facebook Developers site is up and working.

Facebook Data: What’s on your mind?

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Facebook Asking To Update Your Security Information

Today I logged out from Facebook for some reason after few minutes when I re-login I show a massage saying Update Your Security Information with Overall Protection: Low. And asked me three things to do

1.       Contact Email:

2.       Mobile Phone:

3.       Security Question:

Monday, December 13, 2010

Coolest Facebook Profile Picture

Cross Post with Saket Jajodia

You must have show many type of profile picture on Facebook but I can tell this, this is the best one I have show till now. I have nothing to say much, just see and you tell us what you think

Image credit: Photojojo!

Image credit: Photojojo!

Image credit: xadacka

Thanks to AshuMittal for the tip

Now you say what do you think about it?

Friday, December 10, 2010

Should You Add Your Parents In Facebook Or Not?

Cross Post with Saket Jajodia

Have you added your parents as a friend in Facebook? If Yes then you should see the below flowchart what you should not do when you are friend with your parents in Facebook. And if No, and thinking about you should add them or not then for sure you should see below flowchart on “Should you accept your parent's facebook friend request?

Now hope you got to know about should you accept your parent's Facebook friend request or not...

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Monday, December 6, 2010

Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook On “60 Minutes”

Yesterday evening Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg came to 60 Minutes show to talk about Facebook new profile layout, Privacy, The Social Network, Facebook HQ and etc.

Image Credit: 60 Minutes

You can watch out everything in below videos

A Tour of Facebook's Redesign

Mark Zuckerberg & Facebook, Part 1

Mark Zuckerberg & Facebook, Part 2

Friday, December 3, 2010

How To Get Your Facebook Account Disabled/Banned

A presentation by Massimo Burgio, in he told about how your Facebook account can get disable/banned by Facebook.

Here are some points he talked about
v  Not being real/fake name
v  Using copyrights martial
v  Promoting business
v  Adding to many friends/groups
v  Posting same thing many times
v  Spamming

Facebook Launched New Find Friend Browser

Facebook have bought new Find Friends Browser, which will help people to discover more of there existing friends on Facebook. It is more clean from the old one. You can filter people by there High School, College or University, Employer, Hometown, Current City and Mutual Friend.

People are probably ranked by Mutual Friends. And even the page load fast and as scroll down the list keep loading you don’t have to click on any button to load more people. And the one feature is not available as it was available in the previous version that you may not specify the class year of High School or Collage. If this feature would have in this version also then it would make it easier to find your existing friends on Facebook.

Let us know what you think about the new Find Friend Browser.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

SCAM: Facebook Revolving Images

Like always, one more SCAM have came to Facebook this time this SCAM will REVOLV FACEBOOK IMAGES (but like every SCAM this will also won’t). They will say you to Copy-Past a small code to your address bar in any Facebook page.  But YOU WILL NOT DO THAT.

If you are already got attacked from this SCAM and everyday a link get auto post on your wall without your permission then here is the solution
1.       Go to
2.       There you will find Find out more (see in image below) under Upload via Email Click on it
3.       A popup will open in search for refresh your upload email. (see in image below)
4.       Now click on it
5.       Now they will ask you to Reset it click on Reset button
6.       And you are done

Now you personalized upload email is changed

And here is a small list of links which belongs to this SCAM

http :/ / VODKASHOTS . TK/
http :/ / FERRARIHORSE . TK/
http :/ / GOLDENPIGEON . TK/
http :/ / WARMSHOULDER . TK/
http :/ / CURLINGROLLS . TK/
http :/ / FINGERFRIES . TK/
http :/ / bit . ly/faceb00ked
http :/ / MYHAMBURGER . TK/
http :/ / NOVEMBERRAIN . TK/
http :/ / CURLINGROLLS . TK/
http :/ / FINGERFRIES . TK/
http :/ / CIRCLEINN . TK/
http :/ / VODKASHOTS . TK/
http :/ / FERRARIHORSE . TK/
http :/ / POLKADOTS . TK/
http :/ / revolvingimages . info/fb/
http :/ / PINKYFINGER . TK/
http :/ / STREETKID . TK/
http :/ / GINGERBUDS . TK/
http :/ / bit . ly/91wrzd
http :/ / SHADYCLOUDS . TK/
http :/ / RUGGEDJEANS . TK/
http :/ / kewlpics . tk/
http :/ / FLYBACK . TK/
http :/ / REELLIFE . TK/
http :/ / BEINGONE . TK/
http :/ / majicalimages . tk/
http :/ / OAKSHELTER . TK/
http :/ / MAPLELOVE . TK/
http :/ / FLOWERDESIGN . TK/http :/ / itsmajic . tk/
http :/ / MIXANDMATCH . TK/

Everyday a new link is been made so be very careful, maybe that link is not available in this list…