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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Facebook Seriously Needs Better Employees

Facebook need some serious batter developers, whether you call this mistakes or bugs. When Facebook reached 500 million users they made a Thanks album in which they took one photo for Facebook India page, but sometimes it happens that while taking group photo all the members were not around for the shoot. So later we use some kind of photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop to add those missing members in the snap. And by seeing the below photo for Facebook India page it looks the same things happened.

But if see the image little closer you will notice that two women who is seem to be standing behind their male colleagues are not real. It’s a bad photo editing work done by Facebook.

Image credit: Digital Inspiration

And you must have notice face recognition feature sometimes you must have show it at the top-right corner in Facebook which I didn’t feel it useful. And it doesn’t matter which way we take it if it won’t work in a proper way. As you can see in the below image

Image credit: All Facebook

So what do you think, do Facebook needs better employees?