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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Facebook Added New Spam Filter Tab

Facebook have rolled out a great new feature for Page’s admin, especially for those pages which gets lots of Spam posts. This feature was in test from September and now Facebook have rolled out for all the users. They have added a Spam tab (only visible to admin) in Options.

This is what everyone (Admin) show on their pages when they gone to their page.

The posts by the followers likely to be seems as spam will get filtered in Spam tab, in case any post which didn’t caught by the Spam filter system then admin can send that post in Spam tab just by
1.       Hover over the post you want mark as spam
2.       You will see cross(X) at the corner of that post
3.       Click on that cross(X)
4.       Select Mark as Spam
Now it will go into spam tab

And in case Facebook or you (Admin) filtered any post which is not Spam can remove the it from Spam folder and make it visible to everyone just by
1.       Go to Spam tab
2.       Hover over the post you want remove from spam tab
3.       You will see cross(X) at the corner of that post
4.       Click on that cross(X)
5.       Select Unmark as Spam
Now it will get remove from Spam tab and will be visible in Just Other tab.

As Facebook made a feature for filter Spam posts but whats about the Spam Comments. However in pages we(Admin) can turn off the posts by followers but we(Admin) can't turn off the comments by followers, even in Facebook official page as they post anything on their page that post's comment get filled with spam links.

To know more about Spam filter option Click here.